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Barnes International, Inc. Filtration Systems Division manufactures a broad range of filtration systems for the metalworking industry designed to seperate both "swarf" and chips from metal cutting fluids. Swarf, a natural by-product of grinding and honing processes, consists of small metal pieces, abrasives and other contaminates. Chips are produced from metalworking operations such as drilling, milling, turning and boring. For maximum effiency in all machining operations, swarf and chips must be removed from machine coolants prior to recirculation.

Based on almost 50 years of experience, the Barnes Filtration Systems product line has been developed from simple magnetic removal of solids from honing oils to a full line of filtration systems for most of today's metalworking processes. We are pleaseed to offer magnetic, fabric, combination magnetic/fabric, vacuum, immersed drum and rotary drum systems which can filter from 10 to 4,500 gallons of coolant per minute. Barnes International is a globally recognized leader in design and manufacture of high quality precision metalworking machinery and industrial coolant filtration equipment. Since 1907, Barnes history of technological leadership has been a key factor in it's success. The collective experience and technical recources of the Barnescompanies ensure they are strategically positioned for future growth.

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