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Moyer Manufacturing Company, Inc. provides the Spring Maker with a complete line of grinders with options to meet the particular needs of our customers. The grinders are available with 10", 12", 18", 30" and tndem 36" grinding heads. These machines are available with or without CNC controls. The CNC controls allow for crush and downfeed grinding with the same machine. These grinders can be fitted with Moyer designed automation.

Wheel Wear Compensation - Auto Grind Line and Dress Position - Performance Data Displayed - Pushbutton downfeed or single pass grinding - Accepts Moyer auto loading systems - Set-up, dressing and grinding controlled through keyboard - Downfeed profiles saved for faster set-ups - Rigid triangular construction with no overhung spindle motors - Stepper motors and leadscrews position grinding wheels to .0005" - Four stage downfeed profile - Downfeed profiles auto adjusted based on power usage

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