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Digital Coiler Gages - With the development of the first digital automatic coiler gage, "PJM" in 1985, Moyer found solutions to the high cost of scrap at the coiler. The patened digital gage using Moyer's artificial intelligent adjustment of the coiler for free length variation reduced scrap at the coiler by 30% in many cases. Moyer had many firsts such as: five way sorting, SPC printouts, temperature stabilized probe, etc. Moyer continues to add features to solve particular problems.

The benchmark of automatic on-coiler controllers. It measures, corrects pitch and automatically sorts on the fly while analyzing, sorting and displaying in-process data. Easy set up and continuous unattended operation make the Merlin a must for World Class spring makers.

Combines the innovative features of the Merlin with a state-of-the-art camera measurement system, the Argus Freelength Camera Gage defines a whole new standard in spring making.

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