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Filtration systems for Petroleum, Synthetic and Water-based Fluids  In the early 1970's, the ever increasing cost and complexity of engines and manufacturing machinery prompted the need for an improved system of filtration. Harvard Corporation was founded in April of 1973 to meet that need. Then as now, our mission was to develop, manufacture, and market the best filtration and filter systems on the market. Originally, Harvard filters were designed to remove harmful contaminents that endangered the operating life of engines for off road and over the road equipment. As time went on, Harvard filtration was applied to transmission and hydrlic fluids as well as cutting oils and coolants. As the number and variety of applications for Harvard filters increased, so did our sales and production capacity. Harvard moved to a new and expanded facility in the late 1970's in Evansville, Wisconsin.

Since then, Harvards production, shipping and quality assurance facilities have increased substantially. Today Harvard boasts a highly-trained and motivated team dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer service and product quality. Working closely with our expert dealer network, Harvard's staff is able to provide a wide variety of filtration solutions for transportation and manufacturing industries around the world.

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